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Newly Launched Loyalty Rewards Program

Newly Launched Loyalty Rewards Program


July 1st, 2017 - This date marks a new step ahead for Coflaitte! We are aiming not just to become a purely focused fashion business, but we are also shooting to become a community friendly business. With our latest news updates, you can be sure to expect a more personal touch with both existing and new customers.

Today, we will be touching on some of Coflaitte's new website capabilities.

1. Coflaitte Rewards

You can now earn points accordingly to your purchase value, and exchange those points for big discounts on the online store. Listed below are some tips to help you get started with the new rewards program.

  1. Click the 'Let's Get Started' icon above indicated in this email
  2. Create an account
  3. Make a purchase
  4. Earn points
Tips: Creating an account can also help you earn points!

You can earn additional points if you do the following:
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Follow our Twitter account
  • Make a purchase
  • Refer a friend
  • Share our page on Facebook
  • and much more!

2. Hello, Canada!

Previously, we were unable to ship to Canada at an affordable price, due to the shipping problems we encountered.

Today, however, we are pleased to announce that we have officially found a partner who will be handling the shipping to all our Canadian customers. We know you've been waiting and wanting to purchase our customised accessories for a long time!

Best of all, the shipping prices are even more affordable than before! You can check the revised rates at checkout now.


3. Goodbye

We hope you have had a memorable time reading our monthly digest, just as much we had writing this article for you. This is the 1st copy of our monthly digest, and we will be expecting to write more of such articles to you in the future. We just want to take some time to thank you for spending your busy schedule reading this article. 

Finally, we the owners of Coflaitte, sincerely thank you (existing and new customers) for your patronage, and we will achieve to do better to serve you the next time you shop with us! 

- Coflaitte (B)

Always achieving great customer satisfaction, value and privacy.

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